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 José Miguel Pérez Hernández
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Jos Miguel Prez Hernndez

Plastic Artist:: José Miguel Pérez Hernández
Date of birth: 23/10/1950
Address: Street 23 No. 670 esq D, Apto 72, Vedado. Ciudad Habana. Cuba
Telephone (537)-8322017
E-mail: [email protected]

Academic Formation

1987: He graduates in the specialty of Painting in the Superior Institute of Art   
1972: He graduates in the specialty of Painting in the National School of Art.   
1966: He graduates of the specialty of painting in the Provincial School of Art of Santa Clara Leopoldo Romañach.

Personal exhibitions 

2006: In November, personal exhibition in Guatemala and it Imparts masterful classes
          on: it "Contributes of the Academy San Alejandro to the Plastic one National Cuban.
2004: The National Council of the Plastic arts and the Union of Writers and Artists from
          Cuba select his painting Guitar in the competition Mosaics of the Ramp, in
          homage to the 40 anniversary of the VII congress of the international union of
          architects. In this competition were chosen ten works among the more important
           firms contemporary  of the Cuban plastic arts.
2003: He receives the honorary medal as outstanding son of Santa Clara's city, its native
          city, during the 310 anniversary of the foundation of this city. 
          Personal exhibition "Looks" in Santa Clara's city, in homage to their father's
          memory Miguel Pérez. According to the artist it has been one of the most
          memorable night in their life.  The artist writes in the catalog: The process of
          creation is a magic moment of secret, encounter, enjoyment, he accompanies me.
2002: It exposes in the hotel England, the personal sample dedicated José Martí,  with 
          this exhibition the artist celebrates the 185 anniversary of the  foundation of the
          Academy San Alejandro
2001: It travels to Mexico to impart the master "Methodology for the teaching of the
          arts", where it presents their exhibition personal "Song to the Life".
1999: Their work is promoted by "Decoro" and he paints in the hotel "White Arenas"      
          of Varadero the Restaurant Buffet, considered by him, one of the most beautiful
         works in his artistic trajectory.
1997: Personal exhibition SOSZOO, in the gallery The Acacia, where the artist            
          celebrates his 25 years in the artistic teaching.
1995: Their work is promoted by the Center of ambient Design, painting for request      
          for important tourist centers.
1994: It is invited by the Center of Fine arts of Maracaibo, Venezuela, to present the
          personal exhibition "Noble and Loyal", in homage to the 465 anniversary of
          the Foundation of Maracaibo.
1993: It travels to Venezuela invited by the Festival of the Arts, the group of theater
         "Tablón", and the school "Inés Laredo", where it presents a personal exhibition
          in Homage to Angela Hill, the woman that makes dolls in Cabimas.
1992: It travels to Venezuela invited by the IV Festival of the Arts and it exposes a
          personal sample in the Municipal Museum of Graphic Arts Balmiro León
1989: He paints in the Institute of Oncology, children's Room, the mural "They         
          deserve everything". According to the artist, it has been one of the most         
         beautiful and human responsibilities that has carried out.
1988: It participates in the VI Biennial Ibero-American "The children in today's"        
          Ibero-American Painting, Mexico City, with the work "The world of the       
1987: Exhibition personal "Dream and Reality"
          It travels to Poland, where it presents a personal exhibition in the "BIURO       
1986: Personal exhibition "to Paint Forever", in the Gallery Havana.

Collective exhibitions
2005: Participate in the collective exhibition of drawing that will move for different
          Mexican states, beginning the journey in Mexico City.
1999: It travels to Belgium invited by the museum Lanchelevinci presenting the     
          exhibition collective "Flags and colors"."
1998: Collective exhibition of painting in Portugal organized by the National Union
          of Writers and Artists from Cuba. 
          Exhibition collective "Plaza for the Cuban art" in the Hotel Plaza organized by the
          National Union of Writers and Artists from Cuba.
1997: Collective exhibition of Cuban painting organized by the gallery "The            
          Acacia" of Cuba that was presented in the gallery "Golden Branch" of Panama.
1989: Exhibition collective Cuban Painting in Bulgaria, organized by the National      
          Union of Writers and Artists from Cuba
1988: Exhibition collective Cuban Painting in Warsaw, Poland
1985: Exhibition collective itinerant Youths of Today carried out in the Japanese      
         cultural centers. AT Central Museum Tokyo (January) y AT Prefatural Museum of
         Miyagi (February).

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