Main topics:


• Conceptual approach to human death

• Brain death criteria in different countries

• Ancillary tests in diagnosing brain death

• Brain death in childhood

• Anencephalic infants

• End-of-life issues: persistent vegetative state, dementia, terminal patient, euthanasia, etc.

• Legal considerations surrounding brain death and related states

• Bioethical considerations on death and related states

• Philosophical, theological, sociological, historical and cultural considerations of human death

• Organ transplantation


• Neurophysiology of consciousness generation

• Etiologies of coma: head trauma, stroke, metabolic, etc.

• Ancillary tests for predicting outcome in the evolution of coma

• Neuro-intensive cares

• Neuromonitoring

• Neuroprotection

• New trends in cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation


English and Spanish

Scientific Program

A number of topics on coma and death will be featured in the program. Each session will provide time for discussion. The presentation modalities will be:

Pre-Symposium courses (February 21, 2000; four-hour sessions)

• Annual meeting of the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery

• First International Seminar on Cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation in the 21th century

• Measuring brain blood flow (SPECT)

          •      New trends in cerebral protection

• Sleep and coma

• Donation and transplant organization systems

• Intensive care of the organ donors

• Immunology and organ transplantation

• Legal and ethical controversies on the dilemma at the end of life

• Ethical challenges and medical decision-making

          •     Clinical ethics and health justice

          •    Neuromonitoring of critical patients

• Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coma and death in children

• Cerebrovascular disease: current state of knowledge at the threshold of the Year 2000

Call for abstracts

Audio-visual aids

• Single or dual projection of 35 mm slides

• Videos must be presented in VHS or Beta format, NTSC 3.58 standard

• Video Beam multi-standard


• Posters must be presented on a 0.95 m wide by 2 m high maximum format.

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